Ten exciting facts about beards

Ten exciting facts about beards

Even with the first fluff on your face, you were at the beginning of an exciting journey. What is rather annoying for one, is for the other a real lifestyle: Wearing a beard. Myths, funny stories and bizarre facts about beards have been around since ancient times.

Facts about beards: See the beard differently

In this post, we want to introduce you to ten exciting facts about beards that you may not have considered before. You can look forward to historical, everyday or totally crazy things. Have fun with our top 10!

Historical facts about beards

Beards have been around since we humans existed on this planet. In the course of history, therefore, it is hardly surprising that some strange occurrences have taken place.

Facts about beards: Historical facts
From Alexander the Great, to the Romans, to the Middle Ages, beards made a big splash — welcome to our historical facts.

1. the great fear

Alexander the Great was known for his tactical thinking and fighting skills. Did you know he ordered his army to shave off their beards? In fact, he was afraid of the enemy forces pulling the beards.

Two. Wanna Fight?

While we’re on the subject of hand-to-hand combat: While Alexander’s fear of beards made beards rather critical in close combat for tactical reasons, in the Middle Ages they were particularly symbolic of combat. Because: If one (s) touched the beard of another man, this was understood under circumstances as an invitation to fight.

3. do not be sad

In ancient Rome, too, the beard was charged with a great deal of symbolism. Back then, people grew their beards as a sign of mourning. However, this practice, like the Romans, has not survived to the present day. Nowadays it is customary to shave or at least trim one’s beard before a funeral.

Facts about beards: Stories from everyday life

We let bygones be bygones and now come back to the present. Because you can also find exciting facts about beards in our everyday life. Ready for the next round?

There are also exciting facts about your beard in terms of health
There are also exciting facts about your beard when it comes to health.

4. no bearded millionaire has ever fallen from the sky…

Sad but true: the vast majority of the richest and most successful men on the Forbes list don’t have beards. Therefore, be motivated and become the first beard-positive manon this list.

5. strong and healthy — thanks to my beard

There is a misconception that your beard is some sort of natural pollen filter. Sure, the pollen settles in your beard and doesn’t get into your nose for now. Still: you have them UNDER your nose all the time. (Ahchoo! Gesundheit).

The only way to prevent this is to washyour beard regularly to rid it of pollen.

Furthermore, during the pollen season, not only does pollen heat up the air, but the sun also heats up the northern hemisphere. Here your beard protects you from the aggressive UV rays.

6. E = MC to beard

You’re hopefully familiar with the famous thinker’s pose. And cue thinking: Did you know that stroking your beard can maximize your concentration?
This effect is similar to the so-called human reflex zones. In theory, these are zones on our body that are stimulated by massage. The massage has an indirect effect on our organs. The most prominent example here is the foot, which is almost completely equipped with such reflex zones. Your head also benefits from this effect when you stroke through your beard. Why not try it out at your next meeting or exam?

Hairy: Exciting facts about beards and growth

From everyday beard wearers, let’s move straight to your face. Let’s take a closer look at what your beard (growth) is causing a stir with.

7. irony of fate

There is this beautiful saying that there are two sides to every coin. That goes for your beard, too. And your sexuality. Because the fact is, the less sex you have, the more your beard grows. The excess hormones are used by the body elsewhere, so to speak. The fact that a man’s beard growth depends on his sexual expectations and activities was discovered by a British researcher who lived on an island for two years.

8. the longest beard in the world

The longest beard in the world just made it to a length of a little over five meters. You want to challenge that record? No problem. Your chances are good. Theoretically, it’s possible for your beard to reach a length of a whopping ten meters. For that, you just must never – from the first whisker until your demise – put on the razor.

9. beard for social status

A 2012behavioral study by researchers Dixon and Vasey looked at how beards are perceived in everyday life and by the opposite sex. The researchers concluded that women attribute higher social status to men with beards (nice!). But they also found that it makes its wearer look older (nice, depending on how old you actually are).

Facts about beards: The best at the end

Ready for our Top Fact? Then look forward to our top act.

10. “It’s me, Mario!”

Super Mario has been shaping us for generations with his attempt to save Princess Peach and the classic cry of ‘It’s me, Mario’. It is not only his character that is exemplary. He is also one of the few video game stars to sport facial hair. Have you ever noticed that?

Everything has an end but my beard has none

Of course, our list of facts about beards can be extended ad infinitum, but that would go beyond the scope of this post. Now it’s your turn: How did you like our ranking? What fact did you not know before? We look forward to hearing what you think and hopefully a part two.

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