Beard Positivity: Love Your Beard

Beard Positivity: Love Your Beard

An unattractive side effect of a meritocracy is the derogatory talk about people who do not correspond to the classical (beauty) ideal. What mainly refers to the body, also often finds a breeding ground in the subject of beard.

Too curly, long or too short. Doesn’t go with the hair. Colorful?!?! WITH TWISTS???

It does not matter! We show you how to develop a new feeling for your beard and for yourself with Beard Positivity.

Beard Positivity: “Real beards” are what the man needs!

Because frizzy hair, gaps in the beard or generally poor beard growth are no reason for shame. On the contrary, in the spirit of our Beard Positivity mantra, we want to celebrate the “alleged” flaws of your beard. Because only one thing is important: You must like your beard. And no one else. And that’s not even mentioning it: If you love your beard, your charisma will do the rest all by itself.

Actual state: Social convention versus individuality

There are things that are drilled into us from a young age. Be it through our parents, teachers or society. Would you like a few examples? Going to church on Christmas Eve when you usually never go. Or bring the birthday cake for others, although you should be the recipient yourself. And because these conventions are so deeply anchored and automated in us, we no longer question them at all.

Convention not only in everyday life

But in everyday life, unfortunately, the conventions do not stop. There are especially many when it comes to our appearance. And then it gets personal. For example, there are certain ideals of beauty that are set before us from various sides. Of course we would like to emulate them as well. Sometimes consciously but also sometimes unconsciously. For example, almost all of us have seen the beard of our dreams on Instagram. Best Perfectly styled in front of foggy mountain lake scenery. There one thinks nevertheless already times that it would be nice, if the own beard would do also times what one wants from him, or? But what we often forget: This kind of convention is the killer of our individuality. Because to conform to the beauty ideal means in the end that we mix to a huge mass of uniformity mush. Sounds sad, doesn’t it?

False expectations

Another important point: the perfectly staged images are often indirectly about the viewer’s flaws. Whether too thick, too thin, too long hair, too short hair or just related to the supposed shaggy beard. Through their perfectionism, the representations on social media are meant to arouse desire and create certain expectations of ourselves in all of us . These may look great in glossy photographs, but they’re mostly unfulfilling in everyday life. Socially, they are nevertheless accepted and are becoming more and more widespread.

For this reason, the body positivity movement has taken up the fight against body cult. And we want to bring the same thing to life with the Beard Positivity movement for the beard.

Beard Positivity: What’s behind it?

Own up to yourself and your flaws. Recognize your strengths but also your weaknesses and learn to live with them — regardless of what society wants to dictate to you. We want to form a counter-movement to the exaggerated urge for optimization and the common beard beauty ideal.

Beard Positivity: Happy man twirls his beard
Beard Positivity means you can stand by yourself and your beard — no matter what others say

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you’re going to throw all your grooming overboard and strut through life back to the roots with a frizzy full beard (unless that’s exactly what you want — then go for it!).

Perfect imperfect

Our goal is for you to understand that you don’t have to be perfect. And likewise, your beard doesn’t have to be. Ask yourself what your expectations are for your beard — not what society or social media wants you to think is the expectation. There will always be that itty bitty hair that sticks out and bothers you. But seriously, 99% of people won’t even notice. So,why do you care?

Beard Positivity: Rethinking starts with you

Sure, it’s been proven that you can’t change people. The only person you can change is yourself. Become a pioneer of a movement that speaks from the soul of many beard wearers. Be a role model for others by loving your beard. Give it the care it needs and create your own individual beard style. Let your beard be a beard and enjoy a whole new form of freedom. Because you don’t have to go to church on Christmas Eve if you don’t want to. And just as little do you have to conform to an ideal of (beard) beauty that is prescribed to you by society.

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