Striking: beard styles for Christmas

Striking: beard styles for Christmas

You love sitting on top of the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve because you’re the star? Then watch out: In this perhaps not-so-serious post, we want to show you which eye-catching beard styles are currently trending for Christmas. Your advantage? You probably shine brighter than the Star of Bethlehem. So make sure you have enough cookies when the Three Wise Men suddenly show up on your doorstep.

1. on trend: a little glitter, glitter

In addition to gold and silver, a good portion of glitter is of course essential for a splendid Christmas. There may have been more tinsel in the past, but today’s Christmas star captivates with its sparkling countenance. While the average consumer unimaginatively smears their glitter powder on their cheeks, you’re already one step ahead. In style, you wear your share of glitter in your beard. You heard me: In the beard. Because since 2015 at the latest, this has been the Christmas trend that no Christmas star can do without.

Trend from the USA

The trend was started back in 2015 by two US bloggers (who else?) Jonathan and Brian. The so-called“glitterbeard” has been part of the standard repertoire of real Christmas stars ever since. Can you keep up here?

This is how you become a shining man

The beauty of this trend is that you can easily transform yourself into a living disco ball at the last minute! First you slap beard oil on your beard. Then the glitter particles are sprinkled on the beard. More is definitely more here. If that’s not enough for you, just dump the glitter over your head and rub it all over your body. There’s no limit. As a big boy, I’m sure you can do it all by yourself. If not, grab an unsuspecting family member to help you out. After all, we all like to be pampered at Christmas. You can also sprinkle glitter on the person as a thank you. As I said, there is no limit! Finally, the masterpiece is fixed with hairspray to lose as little glitter as possible (A King never loses his majesty!). Ready!
If you’re feeling armed now, it’s time for your royal selfie. Do as others do and tag your picture with the #glitterbeard. So you can shine with the world. Or you can just shock your grandma! Both very fulfilling!

Crazy beard styles for Christmas

If you think it can’t get any worse, we’re sorry to disappoint you. Because a good dose of glitter is far from the only thing you can slap on your beloved doe.

On Instagram, God, trends and the world cavort. Accordingly, there are also some crazy ideas for a Christmas beard in a class of its own.

2. the ball beard

Admittedly: This is one of the most likeable photos we’ve found on Instagram. For so much passion about Christmas and beards, this guy is absolutely not to be missed here. But what about you? If you’re going to be rolling around the apartment after Christmas dinner anyway, you might as well hang baubles in your beard.

Happy New Year!!

No sooner is Christmas over than the new year is upon us. How convenient that you can totally overdo it on this occasion too. After four years at the latest, it was clear to the guys from Glitterbeards that they should come up with something new. Said-Done, the glitter was replaced with confetti and Christmas Eve was turned into a confetti fireworks display. Hopefully you won’t remember this on New Year’s Day.

4. crispy: the salt stick beard

We have also found a suitable look for our vegan friends. How about the live Mett hedgehog? Gluten-free and additive-free, you’ll become a living snack bowl. Yummi! Here, too, we are at a loss for words. We have nothing else to say but: We wish you bon appétit.

For all the glitter: don’t forget care

As beautiful-terrible as all these trends are – they also mean strain on your whiskers. So it’s imperative to keep up your beard care routine even during the more lazy holidays, glittery or not. Should you also decide to try one of the beard styles yourself (brave!), we would like to recommend our post on beard care tips to you at this point (clever!).

Beard Styles for Christmas: Not every trend is yours

So, how does it feel at the top of the tree? Probably pretty uncomfortable. And then there’s the pricking of the pine needles. That’s why we’d like to conclude by telling you: not everything that the internet accuses us of being a trend should be followed – especially if your body, or in this particular case, your beard, can suffer as a result.
More importantly, you need to be comfortable with your beard. Because then you shine all by yourself anyway.

With this in mind, our team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a relaxing holiday season.

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