Merry Christmas from Camden

Merry Christmas from Camden

Have you ever been to London at Christmas time? Lights as far as the eye can see, exciting street decorations on Carnaby Street and the famous Christmas markets at Camden Markets — all unforgettable experiences that make the joyous festivities even better.

We, the team at Camden Barbershop Company, wish you a relaxing Christmas with your loved ones wherever you are.

Stay on the ball

Our tip on Christmas Day today is to grab your beard comb and sweep out your stash of cookie crumbs during the holidays, too. Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones and you’ve been gifted with our gift set — then you’ve got everything you need now. Why not grab our e-book, plant yourself on the sofa and learn how to get the most out of your beard.

Browse through our blog

Not satisfied with the e-book? Then you can also click through our blog. Since our launch this year, we’ve already published several posts in the Grooming, Living and Styling categories for you to explore the exciting world of beard care.

Last but not least: Thank yourself

Christmas is also always a time to say thank you. While it goes without saying with family, you should also thank yourself. Namely, for putting so much time, effort and love into your beard care. So you shine even without glitter!

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