Welcome to Camden School of Barbering

Welcome to Camden School of Barbering

Let’s be honest: a well-groomed be. He gives it the character to match. He is THE symbol of masculinity. It’s not for nothing that beards are surrounded by stories, cults, a multitude of the world’s most famous men — and plenty of trends. And that’s where the Camden School of Barbering comes in.

The thing with trends

Once something is trending, it becomes hard to get past it or not join in. Wearing beards is definitely one of these kinds of trends. Sure, you can now say that beards mainly adorn the faces of so-called ‘hipsters‘.

Camden School of Barbering: Hipster Tree

You see: Even if the beard is often an expression of a trend, it and its wearer can certainly not be limited to it. So no matter why you’re interested in beards, sit back. Your blog and shop all about the (future) gorgeousness below your nose is now here. But even if you don’t wear a beard and are looking for information for your friend — welcome to the Camden School of Barbering.

Camden School of Barbering: Why all this?

We associate the beard wearing very strongly with the feeling of freedom. Freedom means being able to go your own way at any time. A motto that is followed from the founding of Camden Barbershop Company to every finished product in your hand. Why are we telling you this?

We want to pass on this feeling of freedom to you. Learn to love and live YOUR beard. Go your way but go it with the right care.

Wear a beard that makes you proud. And become the beard care professional who knows exactly what he wants and what suits him best — whether you’re sporting a full, mustache or three-day beard.

And that’s what the Camden School of Barbering is helping me with now?

Camden School of Barbering is our guide to you. Whether you are interested in GROOMING, STYLING or LIVING we want to talk to you about problems in beard care, the right shave with the razor or questions like “Which cap suits my beard?

What do Grooming, Styling & Living mean?

These three keywords represent our three blog categories.

At Grooming is all about beard care. Here we present you products and routines (do you already know our e-book?). We also take care of your problems: “What to do when my beard doesn’t grow properly?” or “How do I deal with razor burn?”, to give you just two examples. We also take a look at current grooming trends, so you’re always in the know about which grooming is suitable for your beard and which is not.

Styling on the other hand deals with the topics beard styling but also styling in general. We show you lengths, shapes, colours and trends. We advise you and give you tips on how to find the best shape for your beard and face yourself. Therefore also topics from the area of fashion find their place here. Curious?

In this section Living everything revolves around lifestyle topics. Because wearing a beard is much more than just grooming and styling. Beard wearing is a lifestyle. It affects how you feel and maybe even your taste. Therefore, we want to show you what all (and especially how much) can be behind wearing a beard.

Breaking new ground

Contrary to what you might think, you can expect more than the classic “beard care guide” here. With current and interesting topics, we are here to show you how to live our mantra of “Beard Positivity“. An individual mix that reflects not only our team, but also this blog. No matter what topic interests you: We’re your one-stop shop.

Become a part of the Camden Family

Our goal is that you can exchange with us and with other beard wearers about relevant topics around the beard and a bearded lifestyle. No matter if you have questions, suggestions or criticism (we are looking forward to your comments!): Think of this blog as your information and exchange platform around your favorite hobby — your beard — and become part of a big whole. Whether you’re a diligent reader, product tester or community hero on Instagram and Facebook: We’d love for you to become a part of the growing Camden Family.

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