What type of beard am I actually?

What type of beard am I actually?

Longtime beard wearers know one thing about beards — how important it is to find the right beard style. And above all: that many factors influence the style. Maybe you already have a preferred style that you would like to see on yourself but the essential question here is: Does it really suit you? So let’s take a look at different beard styles together and help you answer the question “What type of beard am I?”.

Before you start: Ask yourself

The answer to the question “What type of beard am I?” is a little different than, for example, the question of what you can wear today. While you’re quick to ditch the suit after work and throw on your favorite feel-good outfit, your beard style isn’t quite as flexible. One thing is clear: you can always shave it off quickly. But depending on your “desired beard” it takes 3 days, months or in extreme cases even years until you have grown your feel-good beard. So it’s all the more important to take your time. Think about what you want to express with your (new) beard: Rebellion? Proud? Your individuality? Or maybe even something mysterious? Furthermore: Do you feel like a lot of care or should it be quicker in the morning? The following questions can help you:

  1. Does this beard match my personal self? Am I more of a trendy hipster or the business type?
  2. Is styling one of my favorite things to do, or do I prefer it to be quick and practical in the morning?
  3. Do I feel uncomfortable when my beard hair gets longer?
  4. Do I have full hair growth or does my beard grow rather thinner (‘gaps in the beard’). For example, some beard styles only look really good with a full head of hair.

Remember: The beard will change you

You should be aware of one thing: Your beard will change you. With a beard on your face, you’re making a hairy statement about your personality. It can give you confidence and make you look different. However, it can also mean the complete opposite – that is, if you choose the inappropriate beard style. Because: Not every beard style automatically fits every beard wearer. This has nothing to do with the person per se, rather hair growth and the shape of your face play a role here.

Know your face shape: The most common shapes at a glance

Remember our post about head covers for beard wearers? Here we’ ve already talked about how important the shape of your face is for the right cap and beard. Because: To find the right beard style, it is important that you know the shape of your face. Because not every beard fits every face. Faces can have different shapes, which will determine which shape will show off your face the best.

The common beard types — which one are you?

One thing in advance: Of course, there are many other beard styles than the “classic”, which we now present to you. We will cover these separately again in a part 2 of this post. In the following we focus on the full beard, the Henriquatre, the classic moustache and the well-known three-day beard.

1. perennial three-day beard

What type of beard am I? - designer stubble
What type of beard am I? – The three-day beard is attributed particularly adventurousness and rebellion.

The three-day beard is one of the most flexible and practical beards (especially in the morning in the bathroom) you can grow on your face. With a three-day beard, you’re keeping a lot of options open for yourself. Either you wear it fine-trimmed in its “natural” shape. If it can be a little longer, you can also wear it as a so-called six-day beard. With a ten-day beard you come very close to a full beard (just good if you want to test whether a full beard suits you). Try out the different shapes here to suit your taste and use the scope for experimentation that this beard style gives you.

It‘s important to remember that even a three-day beard needs to be cared for. Of course, the care is less complex than with, for example, a full beard. Nevertheless, without regular trimming, the well-groomed shine of the three-day beard quickly fades.

This beard is suitable for you especially if you have a square face. The fine contours of the beard will soften and soften your features a bit.

2. the classic: the full beard

What type of beard am I? Man with a full beard.
What type of beard am I? – The full beard belongs to the classics of beard types.

The full beard is often referred to as the classic or the “king” of beards. With a full beard, your face is largely covered with hair. The full beard can also appear as a so-called ZZ-beard. Then it tapers towards the bottom. With clean shaven cheeks and less pointed, it is also known as Hollywoodian.

The full beard is now for some time the perennial favorite and the beards. And not without reason: if you shave it properly, you’ll make a strong impression with it on your face. Again, you can create different looks using different techniques — especially when it comes to your contours. Again, make sure you tailor your future beard care routine to him. Because without the right care, you can quickly forget about the project.

A full beard is especially good if you have a heart-shaped face. The thick beard gives the lower half of the face more fullness and volume and makes it look more balanced overall. This beard goes with many different styles — whether on your head or on yourself.

3. is experiencing a revival: the moustache (Moustache)

What type of beard am I? Moustache
What type of beard am I? – The moustache is currently experiencing a revival of a special kind.

The moustache appears under many names: From Moustache to Schnörres to Schnauz/Schnäuzer. The moustache is worn as a real classic by men in its different forms: downwards, curved, straight or twirled. Depending on the corresponding shape and length you have differences in the effort of styling. Short and straight, you’ll be ready quickly in the bathroom in the morning. If the mustache is longer or twirled, you’ll have a little more effort.

The important thing when wearing a moustache is to trim it regularly — even if you’d like to wear it a little longer. For one, too much beard under the nose can quickly look unkempt. Secondly, the perfect moustache is based on its symmetry. By regularly re-cutting, you ensure that everything stays in shape. Also, when you’re editing, it always depends on what your goal is. Would you rather keep your lips free because it’s practical? Or would you like to breed a Schnauzer à la Jean Pütz? With the latter, for example, you must not cut for a very long time, otherwise you will always remove the base and the beard may eventually tangle sideways.

The great thing about the mustache: It doesn’t significantly change the shape of your face and is suitable for almost every face type. You’ll benefit most from the Moustache if you have a more elongated face. Then the beard can help visually divide your face in half. This makes the contours look fuller.

4. royal: the Henriquatre

What type of beard am I actually? Henriquatre
What type of beard am I? – Leonardo di Caprio also shows himself to be a big fan of the Henriquatre beard. Source: news.com

The Henriquatre is not attributed the attribute “royal” for nothing. This beard style was named after the French King Henry IV of Navarre, who reigned as King of France from 1589 to 1610. He himself wore the combination of upper lip and chin beard.

With the Henriquatre you can expect a little more work than, for example, with the three-day beard. Make sure both your cheeks and neck are free of hair. Here, precision shaving is the order of the day. Otherwise, you risk the beard falling out of shape and looking unkempt.

This beard style is worth a closer look for you if you have a rather roundish face. It looks especially advantageous when your cheeks are a little more voluminous. The combination of upper lip and chin beard stretches the round shape and thus gives the face more contour. This will make your facial features look a little slimmer overall.

Important: Stay on the ball

The most important points to consider for you as a beard newbie are the maintenance and care of your beard. Keep your beard looking shiny and trimmed by shaving efficiently and grooming it properly. The topic of beard care should not only be on the agenda when it already adorns your face. Beard care begins when you have actively decided for a beard. So it’s best to start thinking about an efficient beard care routine ahead of time.

What type of beard am I? – Your beard starts with you

There’s one thing you can’t forget: Your beard is your personal statement. He exudes confidence and self-esteem. He’s unique — just like you. You should definitely take this uniqueness into consideration when choosing your beard.

There’s nothing wrong if a beard style doesn’t suit your face the way you might have hoped. There are many other ways to add hair to your facial features. With this in mind, don’t take our suggestions as a fixed law either. Take this post as inspiration for what’s possible with your face type — in the end, you decide — because you need to feel comfortable.

But if you are unsure: Don’t be shy and write us an email. Together we will find the best solution for you.

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