Beard care tips for beginners

Beard care tips for beginners

You have a goal in mind: you would like to grow a beard. But you don ‘t feel like itching, contourlessness or stupid comments? No problem.
You have a mission: to take the best care of your beard. But when it comes to grooming, you can’t see the beard for the hair? No problem either! To help you succeed at the craft of being a beard care professional, we’ve put together our best beard care tips for beginners for you.

No professional has ever fallen from the sky

Perhaps the situation sounds familiar to you: In your mind’s eye you have manifested the vision of a well-groomed full beard. The reality, on the other hand, is a bitter disappointment and your facial hair seems to be completely out of control. But before you now hastily reach for the razor (and perhaps regret this step later), we want to help you with our beard care tips. From simple means, a care routine tailored to your needs is created.

Beard Care Tips: When do I even start grooming?

The most important question in advance: “When is actually the right time to start grooming?” – Beard care should start the moment you make the decision to grow a beard. Because the sooner you start grooming, the more beautiful and healthy your beard can grow. Your skin will also be happy: it will always be cared for and nourished while it slowly but surely disappears under your beard. You can nip any thoughts of annoying itching in the bud.

The right cleaning

Due to the special folicle composition of the beard hairs, more sebaceous glands are found under them. These glands may look familiar from a pimple-fighting commercial or two. So while they make for pimples if cared for carelessly, they are very important for the beard. The natural production of fat serves to keep your beard supple. Therefore, you should be careful not to wash your beard with an aggressive washing lotion but to resort to a mild beard care shampoo. Regular washing will keep your beard smooth and fragrant.

What to do if you don’t have beard care shampoo on hand?

If you do find yourself in a pinch and don’t have shampoo on hand, there’s no need to panic. Because here applies: Less is more! Your beard does not need daily cleaning with shampoo. It is sufficient to wash it out with clear water (but please do this daily!). Every few days (usually every 2 – 3 days) you can then reach for the shampoo bottle. This is a practical and economical way to maintain the natural moisture of your beard hair.

Choice of beard shampoo is essential for care

For proper beard cleaning, the choice of shampoo is an important factor. Because unlike your regular shampoo, a special beard care shampoo is adapted to the slightly firmer structure of your beard hair (beard hair is thicker than your head hair). This is the only way to guarantee the real smoothness of your beard.

Beard shampoo is better than conventional – Why?

For comparison: A conventional shampoo serves the purpose of degreasing the skin and hair and removing the coarsest dirt. For this reason, many shampoos are enriched with very aggressive surfactants. However, what works for your head hair has serious implications for your beard hair. Because: The surfactants remove the natural moisture and the natural nutrients from your beard hair. The result: a beard that feels straw-like and dry.

Beard oil for the right smoothness

If you think back to last summer, I’m sure the parched landscape caught your eye. Why are we telling you this? Without the use of beard oil, your beard is likely to meet a similar fate. Therefore, the use of beard oil belongs to the must-do among the beard care tips. Every guidebook, barber, and online store will tell you that.

The correct use of the bar oil

The beard oil is most often used directly after cleaning. The principle follows that of facial care: a nourishing cream can be absorbed much better by freshly cleansed skin, as the pores are free and open. The same applies to the beard oil. The care components of the oil are much better absorbed by the beard (and the skin underneath). Plus, you’re not working dirt into your beard.

The choice makes the shine

As with shampoo, the right choice of product for beard oil also decides on shine or gloss. You can always tell a good beard oil by its ingredients. High-quality products are characterized above all by the fact that they contain high-quality oils. These are, for example, argan, jojoba or coconut oil. These oils are well tolerated by the skin and have intensive care properties. However, as these are also relatively expensive, inferior oils are often used as fillers. For example, sunflower oil (Helianthus annuus).

In addition, when choosing a product, you should make sure that natural ingredients are used. Many low-budget products contain for example synthetic fat components (marked among other things as Triyglyceride, Ethylhexyl Stearate), synthetic fragrances (marked among other things as Parfum or Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone) or aggressive parabens as preservatives, which harm your beard more than they help it.

Our beard oil for your care

In our beard oil we rely on the use of sweet almond oil and argan oil. Sweet almond oil has a long tradition in hair care. It is particularly mild (therefore also found in baby care products) provides shine and a soft feel. Argan oil is composed of essential fatty acids and antioxidants. The effect: stronger hair that breaks less! On top of that, the contained linoleic acid ensures that both your beard and the underlying skin do not dry out. Double the care, double the power!

Beard care tips: How to tame your facial hair

You know the saying, “You reap what you sow”? Exactly the same can be applied to your beard. What does that look like in practice? If you don’t comb your beard regularly, it will thank you with annoying tangles. Getting rid of these knots can be very painful – ask a friend with long hair.

A beard comb provides relief

Against annoying knots and coarse dirt, a beard comb is the ideal opponent — especially if you wear a longer beard. For optimum use, many models now have a double row of teeth. We also use this method for our Ultralight beard comb – to your advantage. For the first pass, use the coarser side to remove large areas of dirt. Then in the second pass you switch to the fine side. It provides the appropriate detail work and untangles even the most stubborn spots. With just 1 – 2 times daily combing you will quickly benefit from the following:

  1. Disentangle your beard hair and prevent knots from forming
  2. Optimal distribution of your natural skin oils – quasi your natural beard oil
  3. stimulation of your hair growth, because the skin is better supplied with blood

Our tip: Try combing your hair every day for a week and feel the difference yourself.

Also consider the brush

Especially with a slightly shorter beard is worth a look at a beard brush. This, unlike the comb, is relatively soft, has a larger surface area, and conditions your whiskers to lie flat with each stroke. In addition, it is suitable for cleaning your beard. With the brush you can efficiently work care products such as the beard oil into your beard and distribute optimally. The massage effect of the brush also stimulates your skin and encourages better blood circulation. This will end up having a positive effect on your beard growth again.

Beard care tips: Care can be so simple

As you can see – even with little effort you can achieve maximum results in terms of beard care. With regular use, you also lay the foundation for an efficient beard care routine.
How about you? Do you already know our beard care tips or are you missing something? We would love to hear your opinion or experience!

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