What are the advantages of beard oil?

What are the advantages of beard oil?

It is the grooming product for today’s beard wearer. Its natural ingredients provide suppleness and give the beard a noble shine. We’re talking — clearly — about beard oil. But why is this product so popular among beard wearers? What are the advantages of beard oil? In this post, let’s take a closer look at the ‘beard miracle remedy’.

Historic: Beard oil is older than we think

Even in the early days of human culture, men wore beards. This was partly because they didn’t have a decent tool to shave with. On the other hand, a large and wispy beard had an intimidating effect on rivals. In addition, the beard served as a natural protection against external influences such as dust, UV radiation or the cold in winter.

A culture around the beard

The ancient advanced civilization of the Mesopotamians went beyond the rudimentary functions of the beard. For them, a neat head of hair on the face symbolized masculinity and power. Accordingly, the Mesopotamian men were all about the appropriate beard care. Already they recognized the benefits of Beard oil and used them to keep their beard healthy and smooth. The es aesthetic of the beard also played a special role in Syrian and Persian culture. Here the beard was even dyed for aesthetic reasons.

Beard oil: Today an all-rounder care product

While ancient civilizations already used the positive effects of beard oil as a true miracle weapon, the oil mixture has only been back in focus since the emerging hipster beard trend. The product quickly advanced to become a real all-rounder that should not be missing from any good Beard care routine should be missing. Even if you don’t wear a beard, you can benefit from its advantages — for example, when shaving. There are special shaving oils that are applied like a transparent film. Advantage for you: You can see exactly what you cut — or where you just do not want to cut more (for example, the contours).

Not only interesting for beard wearers

Beard oil consists mostly of natural and essential oils such as coconut, jojoba or argan oil. This also makes it perfect for taking care of your main hair — whether you’re male, female, or diverse. The contained oils provide soft and supple hair. In addition, it is sustainably moisturized and is therefore less prone to hair breakage. On top of that, many beard oils have an incomparable scent. For example, our beard oil smells of cedar wood and lime.

Compact: More advantages of beard oil at a glance

We already know: beard oil protects and cares for your beard hair. The itching is reduced and the hair becomes easier to maintain. Think of beard oil as the spinach for Popeye: Nutrient-rich and invigorating. But beyond that, the little bottle shines with even more advantages for you.

1. beard oil is a real natural star

The components of the beard oil consist largely of nourishing oils. These consist almost exclusively of natural ingredients. In this way, you end up with an ecological and sustainable care product. Many products, such as our beard oil, are even labeled as vegan, since no animal additives are added or animal testing is performed for testing.

2. effective in the fight against pimples and ingrown hairs

Ingrown beard hairs are annoying, but sooner or later become an issue for every beard wearer. With the use of beard oil you can effectively prevent this problem. When you massage the oil in, the whiskers will be softened and set up better by the massaging. This prevents the hair from growing in.

On top of that, the oil is a real supporter in the fight against pimples. The jojoba oil contained in many products protects sensitive skin from inflammation. Coconut and almond oil, thanks to their high fatty acid content, reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation to the affected area. Benefit to you: Fewer clogged pores and a sure way to prevent pimples (and ingrown whiskers!).

3. better for eye and nose

Using beard oil will significantly improve the condition and quality of your beard hair. And it shows on your face, too: For outsiders (and also for you) the hair looks much more vital. This, in the end, makes your entire appearance look more groomed. The smoothness of the hair also makes them much easier to shape. This way you can style your beard exactly how you want it.

Fresh, masculine fragrance

Besides a well-groomed appearance, the beard oil also provides a fragrant scent — not only in your nose. Most of the time, you can choose between scented and unscented products for beard oils. So if you prefer to go natural, you should take a look at the ingredients beforehand. In our beard oil, for example, we use cedarwood and lime oil in addition to argan and almond. The latter provide a fresh but still masculine fragrance. And all without perfumes!

Conclusion: Beard oil should not be missing with you

All these advantages do one thing above all: they speak for the use of a bar oil. Already when you start to grow a beard, you should put such a bottle of oil in the bathroom. This way you lay the foundation for an effective beard care routine in the long run. So, when are you going to get the grooming star in your bathroom?

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