Happy New Beard

Happy New Beard

2019 is coming to a close. In the process, a lot has happened with us and we have developed further for you. So let’s tune in for a Happy New Beard in the coming year and step into 2020 together. But before the time comes, we want to recap our highlights of the past year with you and give you a little preview of what you can expect here in the future.

Review: What 2019 has brought

2019 has been a year full of new development opportunities for Camden Barbershop Company. All our actions always followed the motivation to give you the barbershop feeling for home and to produce corresponding products.

E-book revolution

If you’ve bought anything from us before, you’ll probably be familiar with our e-book, The Ultimate Beard. To make your beard care routine even more efficient, we’ve reissued and redesigned the book for you. More tips on how to get the most out of your beard await you here in the future.

Our online shop is coming in 2020

This year we have already put a lot of energy and love into the development of our own online shop. You can experience the reopening in spring 2020. Your advantage: You no longer have to buy our products via Amazon. You can now order beard care products conveniently via our shop to your home. Subscribe to our newsletter if you would like to receive more information about our new shop.

Your blog about beard care and more

At the same time as the shop was created here our blog: The Camden School of Barbering. Here you will find information and entertainment about beard care, beard styling and the beard wearer lifestyle. Plus, you can now connect and share with us on social media Facebook and Instagram and become part of the growing Camden Family.

We also have a lot planned for 2020

We have also made some good resolutions for the coming year. You can expect:

  1. New products for even more efficient beard care
  2. Exciting beard styles and trends for 2020
  3. Exciting stories on this blog.

Exclusive: Everything for an efficient shave

Since you made it to our blog between the years, we want to reward your loyalty with a little secret: In the coming year, we’ll be expanding our product portfolio for you. What does that mean in concrete terms? Look forward to our new shaving brush, which with its Pure Badger 2.0 bristles makes your shave an efficient feel-good process. So you benefit from optimal foaming behaviour and an indescribably soft feeling on the skin, as you know it from a badger hair brush. As soon as the brush is available, you will find more information about the product here.

For razor sharp contours

Maybe you remember our razor from Amazon. This will be launched next year with a new design and even better functions. For you, that means razor-sharp contours that are a sight to behold. You can also enjoy an even better and more beautiful packaging. You’ll find more about it here soon.

Tell us about your success

Not only we, but also you have experienced a lot during the last 365 days. How was your 2019? How have you developed in the last year and where have you outgrown yourself? What was your beard story of the year? Whether embarrassing, funny, beautiful or sad — the best story will be rewarded by our team with a beard brush set. So hit the keys and tell us what moved you.

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