Current fashion trends: This is what you can wear with a beard

Current fashion trends: This is what you can wear with a beard

London, Milan, Paris. Every six months, the Fashion Week metropolises determine the fashion of tomorrow. One day the latest fashion trends are walking down the catwalk at Hèrmes, Versace or Louis Vuitton, and the very next day they are shaping the spring collections of a majority of clothing brands. Impulses for fabrics, styles and colours are quickly given. But is there actually an influence of the fashion industry on the current beard style?

In this post, we take a closer look at what fashion’s beatmakers see in us men this coming spring. To that end, we’ll show you what current beard styles these fashion trends can go with — if you identify with them. Maybe you’ll discover something new you’d like to try — both fashion-wise and beard-wise.

To start, is there actually a connection between beard and fashion trends?

How we wear our beard has always been determined by external influences. The best examples of this are cultural or religious influences — some of which continue to this day, as is the case with Judaism or Islam. In the western world, however, the beard seems to have more of a fashionable character and to have become to be oriented towards social trends.

Celebrities and fashion industry shape “our trends”

Famous celebrities and the (luxury) fashion industry in particular often set the tone for which styles dominate men’s faces. The celebrities can be thought of as “ambassadors” of the fashion industry, so to speak. Often through advertising contracts with the corresponding luxury brands, but also their general lifestyle, they are close to the trends. They then disseminate these to the wider society. If, for example, a photo of Brad Pitt with a moustache appears, it is relatively quickly found in some men’s faces. The influence of fashion can also be seen here.

Current fashion trends = current beard trends?

Because just like fashion trends, different beard trends repeat themselves from year to year…. in example of this is the current and recurring mustache trend. Currently, the upswing of the mustache comes from the fashion revival of the 80s, which could be observed strongly in fashion in the last two years, and also made the mustaches sprout in the faces of trend-conscious men. The compromise trend of the short 3-day full beard of the early 2000s can also be traced back to this phenomenon…. At the time, a simple, elegant and sleek business look was most in vogue for men. So, to match this style, many men said goodbye to their real full beard as they felt it was not compatible with their professional appearance.

What does that mean?

We hold: Current fashion trends have a far greater influence on beard styles.than one might suspect. So we’ve put up some style examples that take their cues from the big players in the fashion industry. We want to show you how you can fashionably underpin your favourite beard style and create an individual look. The good thing is that in many of the online shops you know, you can already find pieces that represent the trend and that you can easily (and far more cheaply) buy again.

1. classic and comfortable: comfortable suits for work & leisure

Current fashion trends
In the wake of current fashion trends, the double-breasted suit is making a comeback. // Source:

While at the beginning of the millennium tight and straight cut suits still dominated men’s fashion, now the loose and wide cut suits are now the move. It doesn’t matter whether you go for a single-breasted jacket (the jacket closes with up to three buttons) or a double-breasted jacket (the jacket has two parallel rows of buttons to close it). The single-breasted suit is particularly suitable if you like to dress a little more conventionally, as it reflects the image of the classic men’s suit. The double-breasted suit, on the other hand, has long had to struggle with a fusty image, supposedly only worn by old or somewhat corpulent gentlemen. This was based on the fact that the double-breasted suit is cut a little wider in itself. However, the trend of the wide suit gives this dusty image of the often forgotten cut a fresh and youthful shine.

For this style of beard fits the look

A perfect starting point for this look is a Moustache à la Tom Selleck (link to picture/Wikipedia page), combined with a well-groomed three-day beard. and guarantees you a stylish appearance — whether professionally or privately. However, a little caution is advised here: The combination of these two beard styles makes your face look longer and is especially suitable if you have a rather round face. For an optimal beard look, it is important that you trim and maintain the three-day beard regularly. The Moustache must also be kept in its “Magnum” form (link to Magnum here, in case the series is not familiar) on a regular basis. For healthy beard hair and against annoying itching, we recommend the use of beard oil or beard balm even with a three-day beard.

How do I implement the trend?

A comfortable suit you can to wear on different occasions. When you’re in your Free time If you like to dress more chic but still modern, you’ll make a good decision with a wide-cut suit. It is important that the trousers of your new suit have a certain length ( ⅞-pants, above the ankle). So you can, with the matching sneakers or sandals, a sporty-casual but still classic look create. If you’re really brave, you can wear the jacket on bare skin in high summer (Hèrmes demonstrates it).

Also in everyday working life elements of this trend can be used to good effect. Depending on your profession, it’s a good idea not to go for the completely comfortable look, so that you don’t give off a “too casual” impression. In concrete terms, this means combining a wide-cut jacket (oversize look) with tight trousers (e.g. skinny or slim-fit). The jacket then functions similar to a light summer jacket. On the other hand, you can also combine a slightly wider pair of suit trousers (don’t forget the belt!) with, for example, a slim-fit shirt. That’s how you create beautiful, Stylish contrasts.

By the way, you can easily buy this trend again: Just reach for wide cut models in your personal size. Alternatively, you can also buy one size larger. Make sure here, however, that you choose a suit according to your Body shape you choose. This way, you avoid turning a stylish oversize into a tent look where the sleeves reach down to the fingertips, for example. Our tip: Have a rummage in a local or online second-hand shop. There you will find mostly high quality jackets or jackets (also from higher priced brands) for a fair price.

2. soft colours: pastel shades dominate casual fashion

Current fashion trends: pastel outfit
You can also add a visual highlight with a monochrome pastel look, as shown by the blogger from Extra Inches. Source:

There’s also a change coming our way this spring when it comes to colors. Louis Vuitton and Thom Brown are giving men’s fashion what already became a trend in the women’s world last year: Pastel colors. While men’s fashion has been dominated by bright neon colours until recently (keyword: colorblocking), rosé and mint tones are now providing a refreshing but subtle change. The colour palette is complemented by faded yellow and various shades of lilac. Don’t let that scare you away from rosé as a color for men. In the course of the last decade, the classical definition of color has been loosened somewhat. If the colour doesn’t suit you, you can also integrate it into your style as a kind of “colour accent”, for example over a bow tie.

Which beard does this trend go with?

Granted — this color trend almost implies a clean-shaven look on the face. But as the bearer of a so-called ZZ beard (an extra long full beard).you create an exciting contrast between soft colors soft colors and a gritty facial look. With the ZZ beard, the rule is: the longer, the better. It often takes a few years for you to grow it into its perfect form. But attention: nevertheless, the regular trimming and grooming importantso that the beard remains healthy.

The length of the beard visually stretches your face and is especially suitable if you have a round or angular face. A narrow face would lengthen the beard unflattering. Of course, such a beard is a long-term project and cannot be combined with a current trend in a hurry. Therefore, even if you don’t have a super long ZZ beard, you can auch with a “classical” full beard optimally implement the contrast described. Again, follow the “rules” of a classic beard care routine. The somewhat “softer” shades make the look look very high-end overall, and an unkempt beard simply wouldn’t go with that.

How do I implement current fashion trends like this?

Just follow the motto: “Calmly look pale”. The pastel colours are particularly suitable for chino trousers, woven fabrics and tech materials such as light summer jackets. You can achieve especially much effect with the colors if you choose a so-called monochrome look decide. Monochrome means that you’re dressed from head to toe… a colour palette serve. Conveniently, this colour trend can be optimally combined with the suit trend presented at the beginning. But then you should rather implement it in the recreational area. Otherwise, this color trend can be completely according to your personal needs implement. Whether the garments already mentioned at the beginning or for shirts, T-shirts and sweaters: There are no limits to your creativity here. Next time you’re in the city centre or at your favourite online shop, look out for the first items of clothing in the new trend colours. After all, current fashion trends can usually be bought faster than they can be walked down the catwalk.

3. tropical: animal & artsy prints for skilful street style

Already this winter Versace, among others, has used the Animal-Print again made a fashionable topic for men. The pattern can be combined in a variety of ways on jackets, shirts or sweaters.
Also the ever deeper connection between fashion and art will be more important in the coming season. More and more designers are collaborating with exciting and contemporary artists. As a result, we can look forward to abstract pieces that finally replace the worn floral print.

And for which style of beard is this trend suitable?

So much retro impulse almost screams for a skilful moustache. The animal print brings back memories of the heyday of 80s aerobic fashion — so all that’s missing is the matching moustache. The great thing about a moustache (this time without combining it with the three-day beard!) is that it doesn’t significantly change your face shape. With the right care, you can bring out the best in your moustache. Other beard styles, such as a neat three-day beard or a full beard also make for an animal appearance when you accentuate them with an animal print garment.

How do I implement the trend?

Admittedly — this trend doesn’t lend itself to the classic workday, but it definitely falls into the “flashy street style” category.. If that’s your world, however, then you’ll be well served by the exciting animal and art patterns. You can wear the prints on almost all garments. Shirts or T-shirts or sweaters are particularly suitable here, which you can combine with plain black trousers to bring them to the fore. If you are really brave, you can also go for trousers (e.g. chinos or cloth trousers) with an exciting pattern. If you combine them with a patterned top, you also create the so-called “pattern clash” — a special challenge when it comes to combining the latest fashion trends. Again, you have the option to experiment according to your needs to create the perfect pattern combination for you. Finish off the look with a pair of exciting sneakers and your animal street style look is complete.

Current fashion trends: spring can come

The fashion world has spoken. Now it’s up to you to decide how much you can — or want to — incorporate the latest fashion trends from the big designers we’ve featured into your style. One thing is for sure: spring will definitely not be boring. And that’s regardless of whether you’re part of one of these trends or not. Whip your beard into shape, style yourself the way you feel comfortable, and conquer the streets of your city.

By the way: In the spirit of sustainability, you should also stop by the second-hand shops (e.g. Humana or Oxfam) in your city on your fashion adventure. In this way, you can usually find a trendy piece at a reasonable price that no one else will be able to buy for you in a hurry. And maybe you’ll set your own trend that no fashion house has set yet.

How did you like the current fashion trends? What fashion highlight are you most looking forward to in the coming season? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments column.

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